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House tour, part two

Amman house tour, part 2: somewhat less in-progress! Goodbye green wall, hello artwork and more decor.

Sharing because 1) I want to persuade more friends to come visit me, 2) my mom arrives on Sunday and I’m a little excited to play hostess/tour guide in Jordan, and 3) I’ve never had a house that looks even remotely put-together, so this still freaks me out a little.

Since last time, we got a new balcony table (seen in the first picture through the window, although it’s covered with a table cloth), hung a whole lot of pictures, painted some walls, added some shelves/storage, rearranged some things (especially the office – rotated the desk, moved the chair and ditched the old cabinets), replaced our shower heads (the guest bath just didn’t have one), and got the guest bathroom ready to use – shower curtain, rugs, storage, all that.

Also during this time Layth went to Korea for a week and brought back that lovely canvas print of the three mountains. Along with a lot of candied sweet potatoes and sweet potato noodles for jap-chae. Yum…

When I look the before and after pictures of this place I realize how much we’ve accomplished. And then I have a moment of panic at how much stuff we’ve acquired. There are a few more pictures to hang, but other than that… it’s looking pretty homey here. I suppose there’s always more you could add – more organization, more plants, vases, new silverware – but it’ll probably get there eventually. Plus my mom is coming with a lot of stuff I left at her house in the US. I also would rather pick things up while traveling than continually running to Ikea, as it already is pretty obvious most of our house comes from there.

All that’s missing is a little furry friend. I’m sad that Luna won’t be joining me here, but now I’m keeping an eye on the animal rescue boards in Amman.


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