Staycation projects

We’ve been on an epic Eid al-Adha staycation for about the last nine days, and it has been so perfect. At first, part of me couldn’t help but think of all the places we could have run away to in Asia for nine days, but ticket prices put me off traveling anywhere (the equivalent of trying to travel the day before Thanksgiving in the US). Plus I hadn’t had a day off in about two months, so staying in was just what I needed. My husband and I marathon watched Narcos and munched on sweet potato fries and sambousak. I actually cleaned our house. And I am very nearly done with redecorating the upstairs flat, after reupholstering a couch and two armchairs, plus many trips to Ikea and many hours cleaning, carrying out old furniture, and hemming curtains.

I just finished the second black-and-white wingback chair today. There are some things I wish were different, like the carpet – it doesn’t go great with the couch. I wish we had a more simple beige/neutral colored carpet. And I have mixed feelings about the curtains. But it’s what we had, and in any case, it at least looks like a home now.

Before we started, there were two red sofas, two red wingback chairs (now black and white), two other armchairs, plus a recliner. So – seven chairs and couches, but no table to eat on and no place to prepare food. Plus a bunch of really terrible lamps and faux flower arrangements.

Sigh – Jordan – you build an apartment suitable for one person, but furnish it with enough chairs to seat 10 guests, and don’t put any space to cook for said guests. Also, I don’t know why, but Jordan is just like the world’s dumping ground for garishly colored Louis XV furniture and sad curtains. I don’t get it.

A lot of things about this building don’t make sense to me, like the fact that the roof apartment has two big balconies, but no kitchen (just two electric burners and a sink wedged next to the bathroom), while our apartment has an enormous kitchen. I learned that this is because Layth’s grandmother would come in and start shouting orders at the architect (his uncle) during construction and they would have to alter the plans. So now it all makes sense. There was a crazy grandma giving construction orders.


This is the basic plan for the apartment – changed some of the arrangements as we went along. But see that huge empty space next to the living room and next to the bedroom? Balconies. See those tiny two circles and a rectangle? Kitchen. WHY?

We still have to get an electric oven, which we’ll put on some shelves that we got. And we need one more set of shelves to go next to the fridge, which will hold the dishes. It’s not perfect, but it’s workable – at least now there’s a place to prepare food, eat, store your food and dishes, and bake a cake if you want.


I’ll hang a few pictures so the walls look less bare, but other than that, I suppose it’s best to keep a rental apartment more empty – even in a furnished apartment, most people arrive with more than just clothes in a suitcase.

Anyway- back to the 12 hour workdays tomorrow.

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