Favorite Things + Zen Bedroom

The snake plant has a story. When I was visiting my mom last summer, I wanted to bring home one of the plant’s “babies” but couldn’t figure out how I’d keep it alive in the ~30 hours of my journey home (or how to not get caught and potentially in trouble for bringing a plant overseas). So I’ve sort of been searching for one for a while here, and yesterday, I finally found some at a nursery – but the guy wanted close to $50 for one plant. And he wouldn’t bargain and wasn’t particularly nice. I went to a couple other nurseries on the same road and found a place with one lonely snake plant left and got it for $10. Mission accomplished.

The tenants renting our old apartment downstairs moved out this week, and since it’s largely furnished and decorated with our personal things, I took this as an opportunity to reclaim some textiles and switch things up a bit. I was missing my kilim pillows and rugs from Egypt.

I also added two new plants to the bedroom, and they make me so happy every time I see them that they deserved a photo shoot.

In January I finally got rid of the old, dark furniture that was in here – including a wardrobe, dresser, mirror, and two oddly-shaped and bulky nightstands. We replaced it with a wardrobe from Ikea that has a huge mirror on the door, and a nightstand. The room felt so much brighter and more organized, but I still had to play around with some things to get it right. I swapped out the two small Turkish rugs I had in here for one large woven carpet. At first I had the bed with the long side up against the wall, but decided that made it look too much like a single person’s room, so I rotated it. I brought up a white cart and a black TV table to keep the plants out of reach of bunny teeth (Layth wants to put a small TV in here for movie watching, so the table is perfect), and lastly, I reclaimed this lovely canvas print Layth bought in Korea a couple years ago. I’m planning to change the curtains in the near future, but otherwise, I’m pretty happy with how things look in here.

Now I basically never want to leave this room – even though I do need to go clean the rest of the house. With everything going on – us being in different places a lot of the time, me having an emotionally taxing job, grad school, traveling later this week – I thought it was high time for us to have a sanctuary that we normally only find in hotels while on vacation.

Hotels and vacations make us feel relaxed and more in the moment because they’re free from distractions – colors, decor, and furnishings are minimal, but cozy enough to make you feel okay about staying in bed all day if that’s what you want to do.

Along with my crazy person planner that I made last week, I’m also trying to write down one little thing that made me happy that day. “Gratitude journal” sounds a little too gross millennial for me, but yesterday, my plants made me really happy. So this is a log of my favorite things right now: a good cup of coffee and a cozy place to read for school, soft slippers and beautiful textiles, an organized closet, space for yoga or sitting in the sun while I write, and on this warm day that already feels like spring, being able to see some green for once on the hills outside my window.

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