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Packing Indefinitely for Winter in a Carry-on

It’s been a crazy couple of months since I left Jordan. Crazy, as in, a lot of emotional ups and downs, with some travel mixed in. I was home for less than a week before I had to take off for Europe for the next week of in-person classes for my master’s program – that trip took me through Chicago, Amsterdam, M√ľnster, and ICELAND – which I’ll get around to writing about one of these days (yes, it is worth the hype, and I definitely need to go back).

Since I’ve been back in Las Vegas, I got a bicycle, and so far I’ve gotten to take it out on rides in nearby Red Rock Canyon and to Zion National Park in Utah. Oh, and a couple weeks ago, my mom and I took a weekend trip to Disneyland together. All in all, I can’t really complain.

For Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to head to Rochester, NY – home to my alma mater, RIT, and a dear friend I met in Turkey. I’m a little terrified about how cold it’s going to be, but I can’t wait for some girl hangout time and wine tasting in the Finger Lakes.

I’m very fortunate that in my present job-hunting state, I’ve had multiple friends offer up their spare bedrooms for me to stay in. And so I’m heading to Rochester without much of a plan – I’ve had some interviews for jobs on the East Coast, and figure it might be good to be nearby for a bit. So I need enough clothes to last me an indefinite amount of time, survive the Rochester winter, and look nice enough for an interview or holiday party – and yes, I’m only taking a carry-on.

What I’m bringing

Calpak Carry-on suitcase:
-burgundy puffy coat (compressed in packing cube)
-white skinny jeans
-Uniqlo grey trousers
-Uniqlo Hana Tajima long-sleeve shirt
-Uniqlo Heattech long-sleeve shirt for layering
-black long-sleeve blouse
-vintage wool pullover sweater
-Uniqlo grey ribbed t-shirt
-Old Navy velvet t-shirt
-Old Navy sweater dress
-Madewell black cardigan
-BCBG floral dress
-knit tights
-black and white cotton scarf
-Uniqlo knit cape/scarf
-Smartwool socks
-Born oxford shoes
-long-sleeve pajamas
-fleece-lined leggings
-toiletry/makeup bag
-travel hair dryer

Wear on the plane
-Blundstone boots (I don’t own snow boots, but these are all-weather, have good tread, and can still be dressed smart)
-Uniqlo black legging jeans
-American Eagle red flannel shirt
-Patagonia better sweater
-Babaton wool coat (major thrift store score)
-Wool hat

Carry-on duffel bag:
-black backpack for carrying laptop
-laptop + charger
-small black crossbody purse
-phone + charger

Yes, I could probably do without one of these jackets, but I don’t know if you noticed this yet, but I don’t like being cold, and I love wearing soft things. Also, I’m bringing two coats because I honestly don’t know which one is warmer – I wore the burgundy one in Germany in February and it kept me pretty warm, but I haven’t worn the wool one at all yet. And the wool one is a little more tailored-looking for parties or meetings. My friend in Rochester actually suggested I bring my Icelandic wool blanket, but I think I’ve settled on bringing a knit cape to snuggle up with in the house.

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