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We’ve been hard at work redecorating the new house and the kitchen is starting to look quite nice, if I do say so myself. As I’ve mentioned before, this is probably the second-biggest kitchen I’ve ever seen (the biggest is downstairs in Layth’s grandpa’s apartment). We’re lucky to have a home we can grow into together, and we’re lucky it already had a lot of furnishings and accessories that we didn’t have to go out and buy. But it also had some pretty interesting curtain choices (I think chosen by Layth’s grandmother, Allah yer7amha), and the chairs in the top picture remind me of a Tim Burton animated movie for some reason. A new dining table set, new curtains, and moving the refrigerator went a long way (it’s now closer to the stove at the other end, which makes more sense for cooking, and having the table next to the window makes it nice to look outside).

The rest of the kitchen doesn’t look that much different, with the addition of some new potholders and my orange tea kettle. Adding a little Bonsai tree, a little lamp in the corner (Ikea, confiscated from another room), and a couple carpets (from Egypt and Ikea) just makes it a little more homey. I’m hoping to find another large carpet when we’re in Sri Lanka next month, too. Now to move in our fridge magnet collection…

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Yesterday was my birthday, and we drove two hours northwest of Amman and spent the day at Umm Qais, in the presence of Roman ruins, overlooking the Golan Heights and Syria off to the northeast. It’s one of my longstanding favorite places in Jordan, but it makes me sad to think that at night now, you can often see airstrikes happening just over the border. We had a classy picnic with some friends, ate a birthday cheesecake, had a nice hike, and got to see plenty of sheep and goats happily munching on the grass. All in all, a successful birthday outing.

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Well, after a marathon of bureaucracy resulting in the best marriage contract-signing photo ever, we got married on February 17, 2016.

Our day started with picking up our witnesses, two of Layth’s friends, and all meeting at Sharia court in Wadi al-Seer, which is in an extremely nondescript building that I only managed to find again because I recognized a guy selling bananas one street over.

The day before, Layth’s mom went to court with all our papers and asked if we needed anything else. No we didn’t. Of course we did. Continue Reading