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When moving between countries, I don’t always succeed in packing light, but I kind of feel like I’ve mastered packing my under-seat carry on bag. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten something out of the overhead bin during a flight, so I always like to have these items ready to go, easy to access from my seat. Some of these are necessities for any trip, but others will make long-haul flights in coach ever so slightly more luxurious, or at least comfortable. Continue Reading


Goodbye Luna… feeling sad today because Luna has gone to a new home. Luna was my snuggle buddy, personal alarm clock, and housemate in DC, and my mom’s been looking after her since I moved overseas. My mom’s coming in a week and we were trying to figure out how to bring her to Jordan, but it’s such a long flight and airline policies for rabbits are so complicated. I wish I could’ve snuggled her one more time, but hope she’ll have a happy life with this new family.