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The last time I wrote anything, I had just accepted a job at Yale and was getting ready to move out east to Connecticut – yes, Connecticut, after four years in the Middle East – in January. This year is absolutely blowing by, which feels good, but also a little nerve-wracking at the same time. On the one hand, it feels like I’ve just been going to work everyday – and thankfully, this is without a doubt the only job I’ve ever had that has something resembling work-life balance and where I’m still learning a lot four months in – but I’ve also furnished a two-bedroom apartment from scratch (yes, moving was expensive) with Layth’s help, Layth came to visit for six weeks, and my mom also came up for a week while he was here. We got to briefly visit New York and Boston together, and I’ve gotten some hiking in. I’ve made a few friends at work who have been nice enough to invite this introvert to run a few 5k races, go on birthday excursions in the Hudson Valley, and bop around the Yale campus on the weekends. I wrote a 50 page paper for grad school (plus another 10 pager last week that felt like nothing), started a Yoga Teacher Training course and have consistently done yoga everyday for over a month now. And this Sunday I head to Germany for two weeks for grad school (only one more trip after this, and this is the start of my thesis project – wow!)

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