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The last time I wrote anything, I had just accepted a job at Yale and was getting ready to move out east to Connecticut – yes, Connecticut, after four years in the Middle East – in January. This year is absolutely blowing by, which feels good, but also a little nerve-wracking at the same time. On the one hand, it feels like I’ve just been going to work everyday – and thankfully, this is without a doubt the only job I’ve ever had that has something resembling work-life balance and where I’m still learning a lot four months in – but I’ve also furnished a two-bedroom apartment from scratch (yes, moving was expensive) with Layth’s help, Layth came to visit for six weeks, and my mom also came up for a week while he was here. We got to briefly visit New York and Boston together, and I’ve gotten some hiking in. I’ve made a few friends at work who have been nice enough to invite this introvert to run a few 5k races, go on birthday excursions in the Hudson Valley, and bop around the Yale campus on the weekends. I wrote a 50 page paper for grad school (plus another 10 pager last week that felt like nothing), started a Yoga Teacher Training course and have consistently done yoga everyday for over a month now. And this Sunday I head to Germany for two weeks for grad school (only one more trip after this, and this is the start of my thesis project – wow!)

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One of my big goals this year is to not buy any clothes (or unnecessary home decor/trinkets) for at least six months. Right now, the only thing I can think of that I might need is a water-repellent/windbreaker jacket for working in the field and frequent travel. Realistically, I could probably go a year or more without new clothes; I’ve purged a lot and could probably get rid of more.

But, not wanting to get rid of a whole lot more just yet, I’ve pulled about half of my clothes out of circulation and put them in storage, so I have about 35 items in my wardrobe to wear currently, and I’m going to try hard not to add anything (even from existing clothes) to that until the end of March (unless summer arrives freakishly early, in which case, we’re all screwed). Yes, I am three years behind this trend, but this is me writing about a capsule wardrobe.

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